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Shot Bar: IV and IM

Our Boost Shots are the perfect complement to your IV hydration therapy. Simply add them to your session for a customized wellness solution tailored to your needs.

Glutathione - 1 (1).png


Administered via IV push


A master antiozidant, repairs cells that are damaged, detoxifies the liver, helps boost the immune system and assists in the metabiolism of toxins. 

Vitamin B12 - 2.png

Vitamin B12 Methlcobalamin


1000mcg - 3000mcg
Administered via IV, IM, or subq

Improves mood and energy, increase Red Blood count and appetite, thus it can be used to treat amenia.

Vitamin D - 1.png

Vitamin D

50,000 iu/mmL

Administered via IM


Supports muscle function, bone health, and the immune system.


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