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Our Story

Green IV Hydration aka GIV stands as the pinnacle of luxury IV hydration concierge services, located in the vibrant heart of Miami, Florida, servicing all of Miami Dade and Broward County. 
Founded by a APRN passionate about holistic health, our company saw the need for convenient and effective IV hydration therapy. Recognizing the benefits of this therapy in combating fatigue, dehydration, and aiding recovery, we set out to create a concierge-style service that brings these benefits directly to our clients, wherever you may be. 
Why Green? We chose GREEN because it represents renewal, rejuvenation, rebirth and nature. Our goal is to ensure that our clients stay renewed and rejuvenated after each treatment.


Shy Portrait

I have now had this done twice and it’s an amazing and comfortable experience. The attendants were amazing and knowledgeable and it’s so comforting to get it done at home. I feel energized and refreshed. Highly recommend.

man 9

Wonderful experience with Green IV. Fluids and meds were rightfully provided. Very helpful, informative and kind. highly recommend Green IV.

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